Have you ever wanted to use AirPlay with your Sonos speakers?
Well since 21 Jan 2014 the project AirSonos has evolved to provide this kind of function and the needed code can be found in the corresponding repository on GitHub.

Sadly the owner is not actively developing the software nor accepting pull-requests.

I wanted to use the software so I struggled myself to create a routine to install AirSonos and its dependencies to make it work.

The working forks

I assembled a script to download and install the working forks from the community.

# First remove everything you've installed already:
npm uninstall -g airsonos  
npm uninstall -g nodetunes

# Then install the working forks:
npm install -g git://github.com/Kolky/nodetunes.git#master  
cd ~  
git clone https://github.com/lsmith77/airsonos.git airsonos  
cd airsonos  
npm install babel  
npm install -g

# Now everything should be installed so you now can execute that damn thing and hopefully it works:

If everything went well, the software should launch and you should see the output on your command-line indicating the found Sonos-speakers or Sonos-groups.

Searching for Sonos devices on network...

Büro (@, RINCON_5CAAFD9DA04801400:0)

Search complete. Set up 1 device tunnel.