Last weekend I went on a small hiking trip. In the morning while getting prepared I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to carry my heavy DSLR or if I'd take my newly bought GoPro Hero Session5.

I decided to take the GoPro but I knew that the battery life wasn't that good - so I needed a place to mount the GoPro where I could easily access and start the recording.

For clothes I had to carry a backpack so I thought maybe I could mount the GoPro somewhere on the backpack without being disrupting. The GoPro was delivered with a cage and the standard feet.


So to get it started, you need:

  • 1 minute of your precious time ;)
  • an elastic band
  • your GoPro
  • your GoPro-cage
  • your backpack

The parts you need

1. Extend the GoPro-Cage

The first part involves the GoPro-cage. The cage needs to be unfolded so that it lays nearly flat on the table and the feet is in-line with the cage.

Unfold the cage

2. Add the Elastic Band

Insert your GoPro in the cage and close the buckle. Now hang the elastic band around the thread and hold the GoPro against the shoulder strap of your backpack.

Hang the elastic band

3. Wrap the Elastic Band around

The last step is to wrap the elastic band around the shoulder strap of your backpack. Next wrap the elastic band back around the GoPro and voilà - your GoPro is fixed to your shoulder strap.

Wrap the elastic band around the shoulder strap of the backpack

Tip: If the GoPro seems a bit loose, just release the elastic band and twist it few times before wrapping it around the GoPro again.

The Result

The mounted GoPro

As you can see, the GoPro mount is very stable and the camera doesn't fall of easily. The hike went well and the recordings are awesome!

Disclaimer: The tips provided on this page require some skills and I am not responsible for any damage you do to yourself, others or your devices!